Warmup Inbox does allow SendGrid. Before connecting you need to

  1. Sign up for a SendGrid account

  2. Create and store a SendGrid API key with full access "Mail Send" permissions.

  3. Verify your Sender Identity

Once complete, here are the SMTP settings you should do.

Email Provider: Other

SMTP Settings:

  • SMTP Username: apikey

  • SMTP Password: {{your SendGrid api key}}

  • SMTP Host: smtp.sendgrid.net

  • SMTP Port: 465


IMAP Settings:

In order to sync to our network you also need to provide some sort of IMAP connection. This can be a normal inbox that is outside of Sendgrid.

Here's a list of the more popular IMAP settings.

Note: If you are using Google or Microsoft 365 products for your IMAP you need to configure the settings accordingly.

Google Workplace Settings
Microsoft 365 Settings



Note: Please contact support if you would like to have your account configured to be able to sync SMTP accounts only. This configuration would require a higher price per inbox.

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