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How to Add Yahoo Email to Warmup Inbox
How to Add Yahoo Email to Warmup Inbox
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Integrate your Yahoo email with Warmup Inbox using these SMTP and IMAP settings.

Select Email Provider: SMTP & IMAP

SMTP Settings for Yahoo:

  • SMTP Username: {{your full email address}}

  • SMTP Password: {{your app-specific password}}

  • SMTP Port: 465


IMAP Settings for Yahoo:

  • IMAP Username: {{your full email address}}

  • IMAP Password: {{your password to login}}

  • IMAP Port: 993


This short guide will walk you through the steps to generate an app password for your Yahoo account, which is essential for signing into third-party email apps.

Step-by-Step to Create App Password in Yahoo

  1. Sign In to Account Security:

    1. Begin by signing into your Yahoo Account Security page. .

  2. Generate App Password:

    1. Look for the option 'Generate app password' or 'Generate and manage app passwords.'

    2. Click on it to start creating a new app password.

  3. Name Your App:

    1. In the provided text field, enter the name: Warmup Inbox.

  4. Create the Password:

    1. After naming your app, click 'Generate password.'

    2. Yahoo will then create a unique app password for you.

  5. Follow Instructions:

    1. Below the generated app password, there will be a set of instructions.

    2. Make sure to read and follow these carefully.

  6. Complete the Process:

    1. Once you have your app password, click 'Done' to finalize the process.

  7. Use the App Password:

    1. You can now use this newly generated app password along with your Yahoo email address to connect to Warmup Inbox.

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