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(oAuth) Approval Required when connecting Outlook / Office365
(oAuth) Approval Required when connecting Outlook / Office365

Learn how to manually approve a connection request.

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Note: These steps need to be performed under the Administrator account of your workspace first. Once done you will be able to connect any non-admin account under your workspace to the platform.

If you are attempting to get an Office 365 inbox connected to the platform and are greeted with a message such as the one below. The below occurs if your Office365 Admin has enabled advanced security settings within Azure Active Directory (Microsoft's cloud-based application access management) to restrict access to third party applications.

You can manually approve this request by following the steps laid out below.

How an Admin can give permissions

The admin will need to create a new session and sign into the application as an admin user to grant permission.

To adjust the Need Admin Approval:

  1. Go to the Azure Active Directory admin center.

  2. Go to Enterprise applications > User settings.

  3. There are two settings that control the authentication for the user.

    1. Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf

    2. Users can consent to app accessing company data for groups they own

Toggle both to yes if you want users to authenticate themselves or toggle both to no to require administrative permission.

Request admin consent:

1. Sign in to the Azure portal as a Global Administrator.

2. Enterprise Applications > User settings' page
2. Enable "Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to"
3. Register some trusted user who has an email inbox as a reviewer by pressing the "+ Add users" button.
4. Press save.

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