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(oAuth) Connecting an Office 365 Inbox
(oAuth) Connecting an Office 365 Inbox

Learn how to connect your Office 365 email address to the Warmup Inbox platform.

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In order for us to sync to your Office 365 account, all you need to do is have access to your login credentials for the inbox in question you wish to connect and follow the instructions laid out below. Don’t worry it should only take about 30 seconds!

1) In order to get connected, first navigate to the Add Inbox page while logged into your Warmup Inbox account. Click on the "Office 365" option.

2) From here you will click on the "Connect Inbox" option.

3) You will then be greeted with a prompt from Microsoft to sign into your account. You will need to sign into the email address in question you wish to connect to the platform.

4) Once you have successfully signed in, you will be greeted with a “Permissions Requested” page.

5) Click “Accept” and that’s it!

To note: If you run into any issues about requiring admin approval, you may need to allow App Permissions for individual users so please refer to this article on how to enable this for your workspace.

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