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(oAuth) Microsoft - Grant App Access Permission For User
(oAuth) Microsoft - Grant App Access Permission For User

Learn how to manually give a single user connection permissions under a workspace.

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NOTE: These steps will need to be performed either under the administrator account of the workspace in question or be performed by the owner of the admin account for this workspace. This guide will walk you through how to manually provide access to our application if you are greeted with a "Need Admin Approval" prompt.

  1. While logged in under the admin account of your workspace, navigate to the Azure Active Directory Admin Center page linked here. Once you are at the page as seen below, click on "Users"

2. Clicking on Users will bring you to a page containing all the users/email addresses contained under this workspace. Navigate to the inbox in question you are attempting to connect receiving this admin error/

3. From here this will bring you to an overview page of this account in question. Click on "Applications"

4. From here, our Application named "Warmup Inbox" should be present within this list if you attempted to connect this inbox earlier but did not have permissions. Click into "Warmup Inbox" from this list.

5. From this page, click on "View Granted Permissions"

6. From here click on "Grant Admin Consent For {{Name of workspace}}

When doing this, you will need to re-sign into the admin account of this workspace where you will be given a prompt similar to the one below. (To note, these app permissions are needed in order for our automation to perform sending/receiving activity, any questions regarding this feel free to write into our support at any time)

Once you hit Accept, you will be greeted with a confirmation message as seen below.

And that's it! Once you attempt to reconnect it should go through right away. Any questions regarding this please feel free to write into support at any time.

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