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Configure Amazon SES Inboxes
Configure Amazon SES Inboxes

Learn how to get your Amazon SES inbox connected to Warmup Inbox

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In order to connect an Amazon SES inbox to the platform, you will need to locate or generate the relevant SMTP information for this inbox.

SMTP Settings:
In order to locate your SMTP credentials, please refer to Amazon's help desk article on how to locate/generate this. The process of gathering your SMTP credentials will be different depending on your server configuration, so please refer to Amazon's official documentation on how to gather the correct information.

IMAP Settings:

In order to sync to our network you also need to provide some sort of IMAP connection. This can be a normal inbox that is outside of Amazon.

Here's a list of the more popular IMAP settings.

Note: If you are using Google or Microsoft 365 products for your IMAP you need to configure the settings accordingly.

Google Workplace Settings
Microsoft 365 Settings



Note: Please contact support if you would like to have your account configured to be able to sync SMTP accounts only. This configuration would require a higher price per inbox.

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