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Configure Godaddy Outlook Inboxes
Configure Godaddy Outlook Inboxes

Learn how to get your Godaddy Outlook inbox connected to Warmup Inbox

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If you have an Outlook account created under Godaddy and wish to get it connected to the platform, you will need to perform a few steps in order to adjust the necessary settings to get it to work with our platform.

To start, GoDaddy makes it very difficult to configure your email account settings. The reason for this is that even though this is an Outlook account, GoDaddy is the provider who actually manages these mail servers and provides a limited ability to configure the necessary settings to connect to our platform on your own.

In order to get any inbox connected to our platform, we need to be able to make an SMTP and IMAP connection to your inbox. Godaddy Outlook accounts do not have access to Microsoft's Admin center, nor the Azure admin panel, so enabling SMTP Authentication and IMAP for your inbox will require some more extensive steps than a standard Microsoft inbox.

There are two options that you have for getting setup.

  1. Contact Godaddy support and request that they enable SMTP authentication and IMAP access under your inbox. They are responsible for managing these settings so they should be able to do this for you.

  2. This is more technical, but allows you to get setup much faster than contacting Godaddy's support. For this, you will need to use Powershell to remote into your inbox profile and manually enable SMTP Authentication and IMAP. We have written up a guide on how to perform this, step by step here.

Unfortunately this is all the support that we can offer for getting this type of inbox setup on our platform. Due to all the possible configurations that a Godaddy Outlook inbox can have, we cannot provide much guidance on how to get completely setup outside of our article on using Powershell to enable your settings. We also cannot guarantee that this Powershell guide will allow you to enable the necessary settings, as there are various workspace/inbox configurations that prevent a user from making the necessary changes via this method and from our end there is no way to determine the exact type of setup your inbox has.

If you are having difficulty connecting your inbox using the "Microsoft 365" option as your email provider, please try using the settings that I'm listing out below.

Email Provider: Other

SMTP Information:

SMTP Username: Your Email Address

SMTP Password: Your Password

SMTP Host:

SMTP Port: 587

Use SMTP SSL/TLS: Disabled

IMAP Information:

IMAP Username: Your Email Address

IMAP Password: Your Password

IMAP Host:

IMAP Port: 993

Use IMAP SSL/TLS: Enabled

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