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Configure Inbox For Mailgun
Configure Inbox For Mailgun
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Warmup Inbox does allow Mailgun inboxes. Before connecting you need to

  1. Have a properly configured Mailgun account

  2. Locate your SMTP Credentials

    1. Your SMTP credentials are different for each domain under Mailgun. For the inbox you are attempting to connect to the platform, you can find your default credentials by clicking through to your domain settings

Once complete, here are the SMTP settings you should utilize.

Email Provider: Other

SMTP Settings:

  • SMTP Username: {{your default SMTP login}}

  • SMTP Password: {{your default SMTP password}}

  • SMTP Host:

  • SMTP Port: 465 (At times Port could also be 0)




Under our SMTP only plan, you can directly connect an SMTP only inbox to the platform without the need for IMAP credentials under our Add Inbox page. Please write into support for additional details

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