If you are attempting to connect your inbox to Warmup Inbox and you have 2 Factor authorization enabled, you will need to create an App Password in order to connect to the platform. Lets go over how to do this.

1. Confirm That Your Google Workplace Account Has 2 Factor Enabled

To confirm that 2 factor is enabled under your account, login to your Gmail inbox and navigate to your inbox settings

Then navigate to your Google account settings.

Then click into Security

This will bring you to an overview page for what security settings you have enabled under your account. If 2-Factor shows up here, than it is enabled (Note, ignore the yellow ! as Google prefers that you setup 2 factor with a backup phone number.)

Once you have confirmed that 2 factor is enabled under your account, proceed to the next step.

2. Enable IMAP (Individual Mailbox Side)

Go to the specific Google Workplace inbox and go into settings, which can be found here:

Then go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings and Enable IMAP. The settings should look like this:

Make sure you save your settings and then move onto creating an App Password.

3. Create an App Password

Once you have confirmed that 2 factor is enabled as well as Outbound Gateways, navigate back to your Google Account Settings page and click into the Security tab.

Once there, scroll down a little bit and click into the "App Passwords" section

Once you click through, click into "Select Device" and select "Other". Name this password whatever you want (We recommend naming it "Warmup Inbox" for future reference)

Once you name the app password, click "Generate"

If done successfully you will be greeted by a page displaying your App password.

Be sure to save this password as you will need it to connect your inbox to the platform. From here, proceed to sync your account as you normally would while replacing your normal inbox password with the App generated password.

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