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Identifying & Filtering Out Emails
Identifying & Filtering Out Emails

How to safely filter and remove all of the emails from your inbox.

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NOTE: For users who are configuring specific folders to sort our email activity into, please do not utilize the keyword "Spam" in the folder name, this may lead to incorrect metrics reporting.

All emails that are sent from our system have one underlying word in the subject line that you can use to filter emails out.

It's the filter ID and every user has their own unique ID. It can be either:

a) +wuI (It's a lower case "w", lower case "u" and an uppercase "I" (I as in "Igloo"))

b) random combination of numbers and letters.

New inboxes can be filtered by a specific combination of numbers and letters as opposed to the "ID+wul" filter.

Example of uniqe ID (numbers and letters):

Example of wul filter ID:

You can find your unique ID in your account inbox settings by clicking on the inbox - settings and you will find it under your General Settings as Filter ID.

The way to filter emails is to:

  1. Create a new folder called "Warmup Inbox" in your mail account.

  2. Create a filter for any email that hits your inbox AND contains the word "wuI" or your unique ID to be marked as read and move to archive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only want to filter out emails that hit the inbox and NOT the spam inbox. Any email that hits the spam inbox, we automatically move it back to the inbox. You can learn more about how we move spam messages here.

Every inbox provider has a little different way of settings up filters so here's a few popular ones.

Gmail Filter Example

Step 1: Create a folder called "Warmup Inbox"

Step 2: Set up a filter like this:

in:inbox subject:(+wuI)

This filter searches the inbox only and will look like this:

Step 3: Hit create filter.

Step 4: Adjust the settings like this:

Outlook Filter Example

Step 1: Create a folder called "Warmup Inbox" (it has to be created as a main folder, not a subfolder).

Step 2: Navigate to the settings icon in the top right corner. Search for "Inbox Rules" and click on the 1st result.

Step 3: Name the rule Warmup Inbox.

  • Add a condition "Subject includes" and fill out your unique ID. You can find this ID in your inbox general settings. (it may "wuI" or some 7 symbols long string such as: 4EF95D7)

  • Add an action: Move to and choose Warmup Inbox

  • Hit save.

Step 4: Your new rule is set up and you´re all set.

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